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Photo of Brothers from St. Michael's in 1950

The first class to enter De La Salle High School, New OrleansThis Web site displays documents, photographs and other artifacts from the Archives of the New Orleans - Santa Fe District of the De La Salle Christian Brothers. Established in 1921, this province of the Christian Brothers has its roots in the now defunct District of New Orleans and District of Santa Fe. Both of these Districts played an important part in their respective city's religious and educational development. A number of items in the archives predate the NOSF District, and it is one of the intentions of this Web site to display some of these items.

Brothers participate in a Corpus Christ procession in Santa Fe, NM, 1953.A secondary purpose of this Web site is to provide a resource for the Christian Brothers of the New Orleans - Santa Fe District and their Lasallian colleagues as they research the origins of the work of the Christian Schools in the South and Southwest.

Above - The Christian Brother faculty of St. Michael's High School, Santa Fe, NM in 1950. Left - The first class of boys to enter De La Salle High School in New Orleans, 1949. Right - Brothers in Santa Fe march in this 1953 Corpus Christi Procession near the Cathedral.


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