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Schools or Institutions No Longer Open or Staffed by Christian Brothers

Opened or Beginning of InvolvementStateSchool, LocationClosed or Withdrawal of Brothers
1851LouisianaSt. Patrick's School, New Orleans1875
1854 St. Mary's Academy, New Orleans1875
1878       reopened1881
1859 St. John the Baptist, New Orleans1875
1878       reopened1882
1859 St. Joseph's, New Orleans1873
1885       returned to this school1900
1860 St. Vincent's, Jefferson City1875
1867 St. Joseph's, Baton Rouge1871
1870 St. Theresa's School, New Orleans1875
1925 Hanson Memorial High School, Franklin1967
1927 Landry Memorial High School, Lake Charles1963
1950 Mater Dolorosa, New Orleans1964
1955 Academy of the Immaculate Conception, Opelousas1967
1970 Arsenius Community, New Orleans1978
1975 Benilde Community, New Orleans1985
1976 Christian Brothers' Academy, Metairie, later New Orleans1995
1977 St. Cecilia's School, Broussard1978
1982 St. Thomas Project Community1991
        Hope House2003
1984 Notre Dame High School, Shreveport1988
1985 House of Studies, New Orleans1991
1988 St. Mary's Community, New Orleans1991
1859FloridaCathedral Academy, St. Augustine1862
1875AlabamaCathedral Parochial School, Mobile1877
1852MississippiOur Lady of the Gulf Parochial School, Bay St. Louis1854
1865 Novitiate, Pass Christian1876
1866 St. Mary's College1875
1971MissouriProvidence House, St. Louis1973
1861TexasSt. Mary's, Galveston1867
1868 St. Joseph's College, Brownsville1869
1931 Kirwin High School, later O'Connell High School, Galveston1968
1957 La Salle High School, San Antonio1975
1964 Antonian High School, San Antonio1975
1978 Marian Christian High School, Houston1989
1865New MexicoSt. Mary's College, Mora1884
1865 Christian Brothers, Taos1867
1868 Precint #4 School, Santa Fe1883
1872 St. Nicholas, Bernalillo1950
1872 Agua Fria School, Santa Fe1873
1888 La Salle Institute, Las Vegas1926
1919 Sacred Heart Training College, Las Vegas 
1933           reopened1946
1922       Scholasticate1947
1947 St. Michael's College Scholasticate, Santa Fe1981
1947 West Las Vegas High School, Las Vegas1951
1956 St. Michael's Juniorate, Santa Fe1964
1990ColoradoSt. Joseph's School and Community, Denver1993
        Community, Denver1995
Disclaimer: The author has culled this information from numerous sources, and in so doing, noticed discrepancies in a number of dates. Let the historians debate these discrepancies until they are resolved. In the meantime, this chart should give the reader a fairly accurate picture. If the reader has additional information, please contact the webmaster.


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